Декомпозиция монолита на GRPC-микросервисы


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How to decompose monolith API into GRPC microservices.

В этом воркшопе мы делаем фокус на декомпозиции монолита приложения на GRPC-микросервисы в среде Node.js, TypeScript.

The workshop focuses on concepts, algorithms, and practices to decompose a monolithic application into GRPC microservices. It overviews architecture principles, design patterns and technologies used to build microservices. It covers the theory of the GRPC framework and protocol buffers mechanism, as well as techniques and specifics of building isolated TypeScript services in the Node.js stack. The workshop includes a live use case demo of decomposing an API application into set of microservices. It fits the best architects, tech leads, and developers who want to learn microservices patterns.

- 3-4 hours.
- Advanced level.
- Patterns - DDD, Microservices.
- Technologies — GRPC, protocol buffers, Node.js, TypeScript, Express.js, MongoDB.
- Example structure — lerna configuration, packages configuration, common utilities, demo application.
- Practical exercises.

- Good understanding of JavaScript or TypeScript.
- Experience with Node.js and writing Backend applications.
- Preinstall Node.js, npm.
- Preinstall Protocol Buffer Compiler.
- We prefer to use VSCode for a better experience with JavaScript and TypeScript (other IDEs are also ok).


Software Engineer, Netherlands.

Passionate software engineer with expertise in software development, microservice architecture, and cloud infrastructure. On daily basis, I use Node.js, TypeScript, Golang, and DevOps best practices to build a better tech world by contributing to open source projects.